What You Should Do To Find Out About 420 Clothing Before You’re Left Behind

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UK Grand Theft Auto 5

Update on the Sales of the UK Grand Theft Auto 5 as Rockstar Games Work on the Latest Patch

The list of the UK Top 20 Entertainment Products of 2013 has been published. The MCVUK report, which was published on the 1st January, listed Grand Theft Auto 4 as the top game that sold the most copies. More than 3.6 millions copies of PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Grand Theft Auto 5 have been sold up to date. Skyfall is listed as the second bestselling game with almost 3 millions copies of Blu-Ray and DVD games being sold. The slideshow to the left provides some screenshots on the GTA game. You can find the top 20 list at the bottom. Due to the popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5, many hackers like to hack the game. The report from Analog Hype, which was published on the 30th December, claimed that many hackers exploited the multiplayer GTA Online by using cheats tools to generate unlimited amount of cash. They also used the hacking tool to increase their reputation scores to a high level within a short period. Rockstar Games told the press that they will be releasing a new patch to remove the illicit in-game cash. The new patch also aim to prevent the hackers from hacking the online game in other ways. Rockstar Games is hunting down hackers who are causing all these troubles. They are putting a permanent ban on the accounts of these hackers. The UK version of the GTA 5 hack tool game was released on the 17th September 2013. The US version was released earlier. Despite that, the GTA Online will only be launched on the 1st October.

Fix Unlimited Money Hacks

How the 1.09 Patch Manage to Fix Unlimited Money Hacks and Other Hacks Problems in GTA 5 Online

The new 1.09 patch that Rockstar Games has released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the GTA 5 is better than the last patch they released. The Polygon report, which was published on the 13th January, claimed that Rockstar Games is carrying out some updates to fix the increasing hacking issues in the GTA Online. The 1.09 patch is able to address the hackers more efficiently. The patch prevents hackers from increasing their in-game currency and reputation scores quickly. The gallery located on the left side provides a number of screenshots on the GTA Online. Players can now download the 1.98 patch for the single player and multiplayer version of the GTA 5 Online hack . To launch the update, you will have to login to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live servers. Rockstar North has come up with a patch that will prevent the modified lobbies from working in the GTA Online. It will remove all the hacks that cheaters have implemented in the multiplayer GTA 5. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the GTA 5 have achieved breaking records in the sales figure from the time they were launched. GTA 5 Online was awarded with the Game of the Year award even although it is plagued with many bugs issues.

Rockstar Games Discussed About DLC, Patch and snowfall Event Request

The administrator of the GTA Online has posted a reponse to a question from one of the players of GTA Online. On the 27th of December, there was one player who contacted the representative through the Rockstar Games Support and asked if they will be able to make the snowfall event available in the Gta 5 Generator during Christmas. The player has also hoped that Rockstar Games is rolling out killer DLC packs as well as patches that allow players to customize the characters. For example, the patch would enable the player to add longer beards to the character. The response of the administrator is that Rockstar Games is glad that he enjoyed the snowfall event. He said that his suggestion will be highly valued and be taken into account by the company. He told the fan that he could send any other suggestions he has by using the contact email address at the Grand Theft Auto website. The slideshow to the left provides some screenshots of the GTA 5. You can learn about whether Rockstar Games has granted the request of the fan below. The Los Santos City received a snowfall event during Christmas day. However, the snowfall event only lasted on the day of Christmas. This prevented other players who did not play the game during Christmas day to experience the snowfall event. The Playstation Network and Rockstar Cloud have been experiencing server problems due to the large number of players online. If you want to purchase the GTA 5 game from Amazon, you can visit this link, ‘GTA 5’. The latest deals on the GTA 5 can be found here: Deals.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Players Unhappy Over Disapperance of Their In-Game Currency in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Many players have complained to Rockstar Games about the removal of the in-game currency from their accounts. The Game Zone report, which was published on the 21st January, stated that Rockstar Games has received a lot of complaints on their Twitter page, from players on the disappearance of the in-game currency. Rockstar has shut down their servers to remove all the illicit cash in the economy of the GTA 5 cheats online Players who use cheats tools were able to make changes to the cash payouts during heist missions to earn a large sum of money quickly. These players have also voluntarily shared the in-game currency they generated with other players. Rockstar Games has debuted a new patch to resolve the money hack and reputation score hacks. The development team has improved the security system of GTA Online to reduce the chances of hackers hacking into the game. The changes not only affect the hackers but also affect those who did not cheat in the game. Some players complained that they have lost money from their accounts even though they did not receive any money from the hackers. There are also players who complained that they lost the in game currency they transferred from the purchase of the cash cards. Rockstar Games told the press that the development team is creating new patches to fix the money hacks issues in GTA Online. The slideshow to the left provide a number of screenshots on the GTA Online.