Vanilla Visa Prepaid card – A step up to Excellence!

Vanilla Prepaid is an ideal entrant to the growing market for gift cards. These cards are issued by the Vanilla Card company. These prepaid cards bring in the premium and affordable alternatives to the best seller gifting needs, available in the world.

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The Vanilla official website interface carries the unique and personalized gifting service.

With the improved usability, the website of Vanilla card can be important to redefine the gifting needs, to gain suitable information and understand the finer terms and conditions of the Vanilla card

It is important to note that the best of the merchants and the online retail stores are also mentioned on this official website for the immediate use of the gift givers. By using the various filters one can select the best of the prepaid gifting options.

Vanilla Prepaid Cards – Every question regarding these answered right here

Vanilla Visa is a type of gift card available for all the happy occasions and reasons. These are easily available all around the world from online as well as Wal-Mart retail stores. These cards are widely accepted by a wide variety of service providers, gas stations and traditional stores.

The Vanilla cards are available for purchase in two forms –

  •  Prepaid Visa card
  • Prepaid MasterCard 

Such cards are available for purchase in varying denominations to suit your gifting needs. Thus, these are available for a price starting from 25 dollars going up and above to 200 dollars (or its multiples).

Vanilla cards and associated sale fee

Post purchase, the Vanilla Visa gift cards requires both the top up balance as well as an additional activation fee. Once the process of activation fee is completed by the gift giver, Vanilla cards require no additional handling cost or any extra charges.

Additional fee is also required to pay out in the form of the foreign exchange transaction cost. For the above-mentioned subject, please refer to the Vanilla Visa Prepaid card mentioned at the back of the card.

Using the Vanilla Visa gift card for making transactions

While making payment for the product or service availed from authorized service provider, present the Vanilla Card to such a merchant. This is to be used at the time of checkout like a normal debit card. However, this same will depend on the actual gift balance available for user. Such an amount deducted from the above card, will include the taxable amounts as well.

Further, you can opt for ‘split pay transaction’ to pay the existing bills easily. However, this facility is available from specific merchant houses only.

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